XR and Game Design

Extended Reality (XR) relates to Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR) and Augmented Reality (AR). I often combine these technologies with embodied agents. My expertise in game design and gaming technologies gives me the ability to ideate and prototype scenarios that address my research goals.

Collaboration in VR

Explored social VR technology to support remote collaboration alongside a Swedish startup (Monocular). Remotely collaborating in immersive virtual environments has the potential of disrupting many industries such as retail, healthcare and entertainment.

Links: CVMP 2019

AR Dialog Interfaces

Developed a teleoperation interface that controls the language, gaze and body movements of a robot, without requiring pre-programmed behaviors. This interface increases the operator's presence and eliminates the need for several operators to individually control multiple modalities of a robot.

Link: Ro-Man 2017

Mobile and XR Devices

Combining social robots with extra devices results in enhanced user experiences. These devices can have an input function and help robots better understand tasks but also extend a robot's output capabilities with rich multimedia information.

Links: ICSR 2016, IVA 2016

Games for Research

Designed and adapted the design of digital games in several research projects.

Links: AAMAS 2014, FDG 2011, ZON 2008

Board Game Design

Designed and developed board games published in multiple countries as the result of successful crowdfunding campaigns.

Links: KICKSTARTER 2016, PPL 2012